Make with Ada

Programming Competition   June 20 - September 30, 2016

And the winners are...

Robert Dewar

Special Prize

German Rivera

Austin, Texas, US

IoT Networking Stack for the NXP FRDM-K64F board

Lady Ada Lovelace

Special Prize

Sébastien Bardot

Angoulême, France

LVC-EMR-1, an explorer and mapper robot

Make with Ada is an embedded software project competition sponsored by AdaCore. It is open to individuals and small teams using the Ada or SPARK languages to develop dependable, open, inventive and collaborative projects on ARM Cortex M or R processors.

The Ada and SPARK languages have a long and successful track record for building reliable, safe and secure software. This competition aims to increase awareness of these benefits by encouraging the use of Ada and SPARK in new projects; entrants will have an opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts with prizes totaling more than 8000€ in value.

Learn more about Ada resources on our getting started page and download the GNAT GPL for Bare Board ARM.

Special Prizes


Crazyflie 2.0 nano drone for the
Robert Dewar special prize

For the project best meeting the dependability criterion.

Crazyflie 2.0 nano drone for the
Lady Ada Lovelace special prize

For the project best meeting the inventiveness criterion.


The first participants to register will receive a "Make with Ada" t-shirt (while stocks last).

Our panel of judges will grade all submissions based on how well they adhere to AdaCore’s four core values.


Does the project demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking, does it bring new solutions to an existing problem, or offer existing solutions to a novel problem?


Is the project usable by other members of the programming community? Does it have clearly-defined interfaces and documentation? A public repository through a version control system such as svn or git? A bug tracking system? Can it be built with tools available to the community?


Does the project make use of processes and technologies that contribute to high confidence that the software meets its requirements (for example formal methods, contract-based programming, testing, and coding standards)? Is its documentation accurate?


Does the project have a Free Software License, as defined by the Free Software Foundation, or does it have an open-source license, as defined by the Open Source Initiative? Does it have an open design? Does it use open tools, hardware and platforms?

Basic Rules

Submitters must be individuals, not organizations

You may participate in the competition only as an individual or team of individuals; organizations (for example commercial enterprises) are not eligible.

4 persons maximum per team

A team will consist of one registered leader who creates and manages the application and up to 3 additional team members.

Must use primarily Ada

You can include any programing language you want, but the project will be judged on the Ada/SPARK part.

Must maintain a project log

The project must be clearly documented in English on the official project log. Access to the log will be provided upon approval of your initial project submission.

Work submitted must be original

Your project must make an original contribution; the reuse of third-party components such as pre-existing libraries is permitted but must be documented as such.

Target execution environment

The target processor must be ARM Cortex M or R.