Make with Ada

Programming Competition   June 20 - September 30, 2016

Getting Started

This video will take you through 6 simple steps to kick-start your Ada project on an STM32F469 Discovery board using the GNAT compiler and the Ada Drivers Library (The process is the same for the other STM discovery boards listed below).

Where to learn Ada?

There are many resources available for you to learn Ada on the web. Here's a sampling:

Where to get some help?

It's dangerous to go alone! Get in touch with the community:

What are the supported platforms?

To start your project you will probably need some hardware. Below are some platforms that are already supported. Of course, adding support for another platform would be a great contribution for this competition.

What if I don’t have a project?

For this competition, we chose not to set a project theme because we want you to be able to demonstrate your inventiveness and to work on a project that motivates you. But if you could use a hint, here are some possible projects:

Additional Resources