Make with Ada

Programming Competition   June 20 - September 30, 2016

Our Judges

The panel of judges for this competition comprises an international group of embedded systems experts, each with decades of experience in the software industry.

Bill Wong Mg 2061 White

Bill Wong

Technical Editor, Penton Media

Bill Wong has been a Technology Editor for Electronic Design magazine for over sixteen years. He has a BEE from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MS in Computer Science from Rutgers University. He developed and sold a Fortran development environment in BASIC in high school and was a coop engineering with Burroughs Corporation. His first full time position was at RCA’s Sarnoff Research Center in Princeton, NJ. He has worked at numerous hardware and software development positions in addition to being the first PC Labs Director for PC Magazine.

Jack Low Res

Jack Ganssle

Principal Consultant, The Ganssle Group

Jack Ganssle has written over 1000 articles and six books about embedded systems, as well as one about his sailing fiascos. He started developing embedded systems in the early 70s using the 8008. He’s started and sold three electronics companies, including one of the bigger embedded tool businesses. Jack now gives seminars to companies world-wide about better ways to develop embedded systems.


Dick Selwood

Europe Editor, TechfocusMedia; Consultant, New Technology Communications

Dick is a freelance journalist and communications consultant, with a special interest in safety-critical and high-reliability issues. Dick has been working in and around computer and electronics technology since the early 1970s, when he was one of the first users of ARPANET.

He entered Public Relations in 1977 working for a computer software house and then moving to Inmos, the British semiconductor start-up. After leaving Inmos he worked in a number of PR roles, both in-house and as a consultant for a wide range of technology companies, with an emphasis on Semiconductors and embedded systems. In 2005 he became part time editor of Embedded Systems Engineering. In 2007 he became Europe Editor of EE Journal, an American web based publication.

Cyrille Comar Ada Core

Cyrille Comar

Co-founder and President of AdaCore

After receiving a PhD Degree in Computer Sciences in 1986, he began his career in academia as a Software Engineering Professor at Sup'Aero (Aeronautics Engineering School) in Toulouse, France. He joined the GNAT Project at New York University in 1993, and participated in the creation of the AdaCore offices first in the US and then in Europe. His scientific interests include safe and secure programming and software certification standards. He was involved with the development of the DO-178C standard for airborne software, and continues to contribute to FAA initiatives on other means of compliance. Dr. Comar's interests include monitoring the evolution of the various safety standards in industries such as automotive, industrial automation, railway and space.

Guillaume Foliard

Guillaume Foliard

Radar Digital Processing Architect, Thales

Following his graduation in Computer Sciences after five years at the Pau Sabatier University in Toulouse, France, Guillaume joined Thales, a French multinational company that designs and builds electronic systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets. In the last 18 years, he has been involved  in many radar development projects as part of the digital processing team, with a strong emphasis on reliable software technologies. His interests include architecture and engineering from both system and software point of views, algorithms and computing technologies