Make with Ada

Programming Competition   June 20 - September 30, 2016

Terms and Conditions


“Make with Ada” (or “the Competition”) is a programming contest that rewards original “Projects” using the Ada and/or SPARK language(s) on the ARM Cortex M and R processors.

Participation in the Competition is free;  no purchase is required.


The Competition is organized by AdaCore (the “Organizer”), a simplified joint stock company (“société par actions simplifiée”) under the laws of France, registered under n°403 325 657 at the registry of the Paris Tribunal of Commerce, with offices at 46 rue d’Amsterdam, 75009 Paris (France).  At the option of the Organizer, the Competition may be sponsored by other organizations (the “Sponsors”) which will provide in-kind support for the Competition.



“Make with Ada” is open to both “Individual Participants” and “Team Participants” (collectively, “Participants”).

Individual Participants must be at least the age needed to legally enter into this agreement under the laws of France (18), those of their country of residence, and those of the country from which they make their submission.  Employees and contractors of the Organizer, Sponsors and Panelists, and the family members of, and any persons domiciled with, such employees or contractors, are not eligible.

“Teams” are composed of between two and four Team Participants, each of whom must be individually eligible. Each team must designate one of its members as the “Team Lead”, who will:


Participants must register their Project on between 15:00 CEST on Monday June 20th and 23:59 CEST on Friday September 30th.

During registration, the following “Personal Data” will be requested from all Participants:

Team Leads will be required to provide the following additional “Personal Data”:


Participants acknowledge that such Personal Data:

Submission of Projects

Each Individual Participant’s and each Team’s Submission shall contain:

The Submission will be used for the evaluation of the Project by the Judging Panel and must meet the following conditions:

Initial Submissions can be made by Participants between 15:00 CEST on Monday, June 20th and 23:59 CEST on Friday, September 30th. Submissions can be amended, corrected, or improved any time during this period.


Judging Panel

The Projects will be evaluated by a “Judging Panel” consisting of the following “Panelists”:


Projects will be evaluated using the information available either directly from the Submission or indirectly on the resources referred to by the Submission, using the following “Four Criteria”:

Does the Project have a Free Software License, as defined by the Free Software Foundation  or an open-source licence, as defined by the Open Source Initiative?  Does it have  an open design?  Does it use open tools, hardware and platforms?

Is the Project usable by other members of the programming community?  Does it have clearly-defined interfaces and documentation? Is it available in a public repository through a version control system such as svn or git? Does it have a bug tracking system? Can it be built with tools available to the community?  

Does the Project make use of processes and technologies that provide high confidence that the software meets its requirements (for example formal methods, contract-based programming, testing, and coding standards)? Is its documentation accurate?

Does the Project demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking, does it bring new solutions to an existing problem, or apply existing solutions to a novel problem?


The following “Prizes” will be awarded as part of the Competition:

  1. The “First Prize”, with a prize of 5000 (five thousand) EUR;

  2. The “Second Prize”, with a reward of 2000 (two thousand) EUR;

  3. The “Third Prize” with a reward of 1000 (one thousand) EUR;

  4. The “Robert Dewar Prize for Dependability” with a reward of one Crazyflie 2.0 nano-drone;

  5. The “Lady Ada Lovelace Prize for Inventiveness” with a reward of one Crazyflie 2.0 nano-drone.


The First, Second and Third Prizes will be awarded from the “Finalists” selected as follows:

The Robert Dewar prize for Dependability and Lady Ada Lovelace prize for Inventiveness will be awarded among all Projects, not just Finalists.

Award of Prizes

For each prize, a multiple-round election shall take place among the Panelists; each Panelist shall cast one ballot. The prize shall be awarded at the first round to the Finalist, if any, obtaining the majority of the ballots cast. If no majority exists, a second round shall take place among the two or more Finalists obtaining the most ballots at the first round. The prize shall then be awarded to the Finalist  obtaining the most ballots. A tie will be broken by having additional rounds until a single Finalist obtains the most ballots. After each round, the panelists will further discuss the merits of each Finalist.

The Judging Panel will award:

The Robert Dewar prize for Dependability and Lady Ada Lovelace prize for Inventiveness can be awarded to Projects which were previously awarded other prizes.

The Judging Panel has the option to award only some of the Prizes if the number or quality of the Submissions is insufficient.

Decisions of the Judging Panel are final and binding upon all Participants and the Organizer.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday November 30th at 15:00 CEST on

Payment or Delivery of the Prizes

All Participants involved with the winning Projects (the “Winners”) will be informed by e-mail of the outcome of the Competition by the Organizer.

The Winners (or their Team Lead) of the First, Second and Third Prizes will be asked to provide banking information needed for the payment (IBAN of SWIFT). Payment will be made by the Organizer, in euros (EUR), within 45 days of reception of such information. The Participant receiving the payment shall bear the commission charged by his bank for such transfer and, if applicable, costs for currency conversion.  

The Team Leads will be responsible for distributing the Prize(s) among the members of their Team.

Miscellaneous clauses


The Organizer reserves the right to:

The Organizer will employ reasonable efforts to keep the website up and running at all times, but reserves the right to make it temporarily unavailable for security or maintenance purposes with no advance notice.


Participants retain full “Intellectual Property Rights” (including copyright, patents, trademarks, know-how) on the contents of their Submission.

Participants grant to the Organizer and each of the Panelists the worldwide, non-exclusive right to reproduce, transfer, translate and correct, permanently or temporarily and by any means, the content of their Submission for the purpose of organizing the Competition, communicating its results and promoting the Ada language, for the duration reasonably needed for those purposes.  

Participants also grant to the Organizer and each of the Panelists the worldwide, non-exclusive right to reproduce, transfer, run, analyse and test by any means, any software or documentation that is part of their Submission for the purpose of evaluating their Project and for the duration reasonably needed for those purposes.

By registering, Participants represents and warrants that:

In addition to the foregoing, Team Leads represent and warrant that:

In addition to the foregoing, Team Participants represents and warrants that:

Force Majeure

Neither party is in breach of these rules, nor liable in any way whatsoever, for any failure to perform, or delay in performing, its obligations hereunder to the extent that the failure or delay results from a situation of force majeure. In particular, the Competition may be canceled at any point with no advance notice if such a situation occurs to the Organizer.


The cancellation of any provision of these rules shall not cause their cancellation as a whole, unless the cancelled clause is an essential clause without which one of the parties would not have entered into the Competition, or unless such cancellation changes the general balance of these rules.  If any provision of these rules that can be considered insubstantial is cancelled, the Organizer shall replace it, to all possible extent, by an equivalent clause.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present rules shall be governed by the laws of France with regards to their existence, validity, interpretation, performance and termination, notwithstanding any rule of conflict of law.

The Participants, Panelists, Sponsors and Organizers expressly agree that any litigation relating to the existence, validity, interpretation, performance and termination of these rules that could not be amicably solved shall be submitted to the courts of competent jurisdiction within the circuit of the Paris Court of Appeal, even in the cases of multiple defendants or indemnification claims and for preliminary rulings or injunctions.

Changes to the rules

During the Competition, the Organizer shall have the right to amend the present rules from time to time, in particular to improve their clarity or address points in relation to the Competition that were not addressed before, or to change the list of Panelists. The latest version of the these rules will always be available on  Participants agree to such latest terms by making their Submission.